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Our mission is to help your team understand the fundamentals of the litigation lifecycle as a way to assure preparedness and suitable response to litigation.  

An Ounce of Prevention.... Litigation preparedness is vital because there are too many things you can't do after-the-fact.

Our Education Consulting Services
teach you about the entire litigation lifecycle
- What is electronic discovery -
- How can you control electronic discovery costs -
-What are the most common electronic discovery pitfalls -
- What makes records retention policy and practice litigation viable -
- How should you implement document hold and preservation -
- How do you avoid common data collection mistakes-
- How do you reduce the amount of time spent in document review -

Our Provider Consulting Services can help you evaluate, select, and manage outside providers of electronic discovery services.

Our Technology Consulting Services can help you evaluate and deploy the software tools and services that are vital throughout the entire litigation document lifecycle

ESI - Electronically stored information - referred to in the changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure effective in December 2006.  ESI encompasses all information within an organization's information systems.
Deleted Data - is recoverable until overwritten by new data.  This happens routinely with backup tapes and randomly on a computer hard drive.